About us

If you have the gumption to be known out there as a writer, and a dream for a legacy in a unique way, to share showcase your ingenuity through writing, you have come to the right place.
Books & Sports Limited is an emerging publishing house specialized in award-winning publications for a wide range of readers. Known for its fact-based documentary, educative research works, Books & Sports, as popularly known, is able to produce worthwhile products because the company is composed of experts in various sporting activities, professional photographers and cameramen and a crop of the best that academics can provide as staff and consultants. Books & Sports is a limited liability company located in Ibadan, Oyo State in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Books & Sports represents many sporting companies in the country and is one of the best in sporting projects in the world. At Books & Sports, we produce and distribute award-winning books and journals, documentary films on a wide range of subjects, including environmental history, African literature, African history, social justice, religion, children and women development, sports and African culture. With a wide array of professional writers and consultants from the academic world, Books & Sports is becoming an emerging publishing brand in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. Founded in 2009, Books & Sports produces and distributes informational video programs that are used by individuals, companies, and government agencies. Our tutorial videos inform and train the viewer in the areas of technology and law enforcement procedures. At Books & Sports, we provide services for the legal profession and other corporate sectors.

Rejected Stone
Has your work been rejected before? Do not be discouraged. Whether its poetry, fiction, non-fiction, children’s fiction, biographies, degree theses, our editors and consultants are ready to evaluate, advise and guide you. At Books & Sports, you don’t need an Agent. All you need to do is to contact us If you have an exceptional idea for a book.

Dead on the shelf
Yes, we do contract publishing also, but our books are well distributed within and outside Nigeria. Our books are available in printed and e-book format, but our marketing and promotion are second to none as we ensure our works are featured in television shows and in the world’s leading book fairs.